We are a team of ex-founders and passionate nerds.

We invest in software infrastructures, open source, and developer tools.

We love AI and Blockchain.

We were born from and supported by developer communities.

We want to build a VC firm that we wished to raise money from when we were founders.

Why Founders Love Us?

We understand software infrastructure, and we know how to build a startup. All team members are technologists, former founders, and developer community builders.

We bring insights into product-market fit and customers. Our community is 600+ members strong, comprised of software infrastructure experts and decision-makers from S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and fast-growing technology startups.

We have a senior tech talent pool that includes CTOs, CIOs, VP of Engineering, Senior Directors, and other experienced technologists who can serve as advisors, board members, and full-time hires for our portfolio companies.

Portfolio Companies


Founder Endorsements

“Sancus has been absolutely fantastic to work with. We’ve enjoyed working with Sancus because they have a great network of engineering leaders at tech companies, and we are building tools for developers, so it is a great match there. ”

“Having personally worked with over 75 different investors, the qualities that VCs often like to tout about themselves is being helpful with the company building and authentic in their interactions with founders. What you quickly realize is that most investors don't fulfill either promise. Lake and her team at Sancus actually live up to them.”

“Some of the things that Sancus does that are really unique and a huge part of why they are so valuable is that they open up their network and make meaningful introductions. One of the most exciting things for me is the network within the firm, building connections between all of their companies and feeling like we have even more partners.” -Ted Nyman, Co-founder & CEO, Cased; Former CTO, Github

Founder Endorsement

Our Team

Each of us is a former founder, tech leader, or developer community leader who has built well-known infrastructure products and companies.

The Team


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